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How do you write a program which produces its own source code as its output?  7  5793
how to check whether a linked list is circular. Microsoft  11  23081
Write out a function that prints out all the permutations of a string. For example, abc would give you abc, acb, bac, bca, cab, cba. You can assume that all the characters will be unique. Microsoft   5  10646
Write a prog to accept a given string in any order and flash error if any of the character is different. For example : If abc is the input then abc, bca, cba, cab bac are acceptable, but aac or bcd are unacceptable. Microsoft   5  3965
How to add checkbox to datagrid?  5  7045
Program to find the largest sum of contiguous integers in the array. O(n)  11  18182
how to Scroll a DIV content  0  838
how to create Expandable and Collapsible Menus  0  639
how to determine which Mouse Button was pressed  0  479
create a slide show Genpact  1  381
code to detect versions of different browsers like internet explorer, netscape, mozilla, opera etc HCL  0  391
code to images to rollover  0  406
code to create a new window  0  385
write a code that user can choose/alter Body Text Size  0  418
code to Hide and Show form controls  0  415
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Un-Answered Questions
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how to determine which Mouse Button was pressed 479  
write a program to calculate the amount of investment after a period n years if the principal investors was p and interest is calculated using compound interest,formular=a=p(1+r)^n 400 Jomo-Kenyatta-University
How to find the list of users who have two codes su01 and pfcg? thank in advance all. 253  
How to Split Strings with Regex in Managed C++ Applications? 949 Microsoft
why nlogn is the lower limit of any sort algorithm? 562  
develop a program to calculate and print body mass index for 200 employees 346 Jomo-Kenyatta-University
Dear sirs, Hi, I would like to inform you that I want to perform a project using MLP neural network to recognize binary images containing three types of geometric shapes such as squares,rectangels and circles. Furthermore,each image includes only one geometric type. The output of network would be: '1' if the network detects square shape. '2' if the network detects rectangle shape. '3' if the network detects circle shape. '4' if none of these shapes detected. Would you please send me a matlab source code for this project? Your prompt reply would be so appreciated. regards, 279 Microsoft
How can export database using php code? 296  
i really need help about this.. write a program to display the set of odd and even numbers separately. find the highest and lowest value of the given numbers. 449  
A game that has five levels of play has the score for each level stored in an array. You are to write a program that goes through that array and finds: a) the minimum score, and the level at which it occurred b) the maximum score, and the level at which it occurred c)the average score for all five levels The score data you must use for this program are as follows: Game Level Score 1 450 2 316 3 148 Stack implementations is mandatory. 420  
What is the best way to make wordpress plugin 686 TCS
How to access oralce10g data from server to client in LAN? 372  
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