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Please tell me about building work from begining  1  351
What is the % steel required for a 3x3 slab.  2  834
why hanger rods are used in beam  1  914
why distibuters used in rcc slsb  2  900
Which Cement is good for concrete, Is that grade 33, 43 or 53? Modi-Builders   9  1745
What will be weight of 0.5mm GI sheet per sq.ft?  1  1486
how much cement is required for 100 sft plastering of ratio 1:4 Confident-Group  5  8448
Kindly tell me how much extra steel bars are provided in a RCC roof and distance of bends in different sizes of roofs. Please also tell me that bars provided in chajja are taken seperate or main bars or short bars are extended in chajja. please send me the answer@  2  968
Can any colleague send me the steel frame pictures of roofs, beams, columns, footings, roof bends, door bends etc. I shall be very  0  133
is their any instrument which can detect steel after casting of slab,etc. for verification of steel in slab,etc.  1  605
In Fe415 & Fe500,What is mean by "Fe" and "415/500"? Modi-Builders   5  5926
how much shuttering oil required for 100 sqm shuttering? L  0  755
give me the rate analysis for Bituminous Macadam and SDBC IVRCL   0  881
what is the difference between NP2 Class and NP3 Class RCC Hume pipes IVRCL   5  1909
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Un-Answered Questions
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find the discharge of water through a horizental venturimeter having 400mm dia at the inlet main and 150mm dia at thorat.if the diffrential gauge between inlet and thorat shows a pressure head of 25cm mercury. assume coefficient discharge 0.98 and specfic gravity of mercury as 13.6. 143 UPSC
what is the theoritical percentage of concrete cubes testing per day? 400  
how can we calculate steel value, depending on load 123  
If u want ur Ans.Of any Question so mail me 127  
what is your role of in previous company as a construction manager 139  
water leak detection system question & answer 243  
qty. of cement & sand required ( for fixing of floor and wall tiles also fixing of marble stone on the floor 156  
1. What is difference between auto level & dumpy level? 263 Qatar-Airlines
Design a cantilever type retaining wall to retain sand for 4m above the ground. The sand fall slopes at the rate of 1 vertical to 2 horizontal. The weight of sand is 18000 N/m3, the angle of repose being 30. The safe bearing capacity of the soil is 200 kn/m2 at 1/25m below the ground level. Use m 15 concrete mix. 289  
Find out the Cutting Length of Closed Hoop 2 Legged Stirrups for Beam as mentioned. Beam Size :200x300 mm,Nominal cover for all sides :25 mm,8 mm dia. Fe415/500/550. 125  
In how many types u can do POP on ceiling and walls(on which material or by using which material)? b) what is the difference between dry , oil bound, enamel, acrlyic type of painting? 2nd :- I have certain queries, please help to solve. a) length of pile bore is 4m.excavation quantity will be area * length where area will be pi/4 * dia*dia. Is this right? b) It is a single reamed pile of 300m dia and reamed dia is 750mm. can any body help me to calculate excavated quantity of this bulb(reamed section),, concrete quantity in bulb with showing the formulas to be used? 185  
How much of the strength of concrete comes from post- production curing? 480 Focus
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