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How does COBOL II and CICS release 1.7 provide for exceptional conditions and how does that differ from IBM   1  562
I have written a CICS program. What tables should I setup to run this program?  3  1150
List the sequence of steps used to achieve ?Modification in Skip Sequential Mode.?  1  1190
What do the terms locality of reference and working set mean?  1  1112
The EIB field which gives the last CICS command executed is  2  2235
What is ENQ in CICS?  2  4138
What are the six different types of argument values in COBOL that can be placed in various options of a CICS command?  1  1464
What is Journal Recovery and Dynamic Transaction Backout?  2  1253
What is the CICS command that gives the length of TWA area? TCS   3  4719
What is the MASSINSERT option? TCS  1  1899
What will be the length of the eibcalen ,if the transaction is used to cics first time?  3  1355
What is the difference between FSET and FRSET?  3  4072
What is the difference between a physical BMS mapset and a logical BMS mapset?  3  1572
What is the meaning and use of the EIBAID field?  3  6124
How do you get data from a task that began with a START command?  2  1150
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Un-Answered Questions
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How is Telon(CA-Telon) used to build map? 887  
For protecting a transaction using the transaction security function, the two things that must be done are? 407  
What does the BUFFER option in RECEIVE mean ? 611 IBM
Add a field to screen when what's the flow of impact? 259 Keane-India-Ltd
How do we pass parameters into a CICS –DB2 program 310 Accenture
How can we code a program such that we will never get a MAPFAIL error? 291 Accenture
How To Retrive The VSAM Datasets in CICS application programs? 365 IBM
How To Compile The COBOL-BD2-CI CS Programs In Real TIme? Please Give Me the Detailed Description? 1104 IBM
What information do you get when an EXEC CICS STARTCODE is issued? 861 CTS
Name some translator and compile options and explain their meaning? 475 Fujitsu
We can allocate memory dynamically by using GET MAIN command my question is at what scenario we can't release this memory and reuse this same memory?? 615 BirlaSoft
Thru web page we have triggered the transaction, how can we come to know that whether it has hit the mianframes or not? 74  
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