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Does C# support multiple inheritance? Visual-Soft   3  3037
When you inherit a protected class-level variable, who is it available to? Visual-Soft  2  1406
Are private class-level variables inherited? Visual-Soft   4  4250
Describe the accessibility modifier protected internal. Visual-Soft  2  2687
C# provides a default constructor for me. I write a constructor that takes a string as a parameter, but want to keep the no parameter one. How many constructors should I write? Visual-Soft  3  2647
What?s the top .NET class that everything is derived from? Visual-Soft   4  3613
How?s method overriding different from overloading? Visual-Soft  2  3058
What does the keyword virtual mean in the method definition? Visual-Soft   3  3837
Can you declare the override method static while the original method is non-static? Mind-Tree  2  3026
Can you override private virtual methods? Mind-Tree   10  8742
Can you prevent your class from being inherited and becoming a base class for some other classes? Mind-Tree  2  4142
Can you allow class to be inherited, but prevent the method from being over-ridden? Mind-Tree  2  3160
What?s an abstract clas? Mind-Tree  5  3588
When do you absolutely have to declare a class as abstract (as opposed to free-willed educated choice or decision based on UML diagram)? Mind-Tree  2  3994
What?s an interface class? Mind-Tree  5  3073
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Un-Answered Questions
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1. What is lazy loading? 2. What is delay signing? 3. How to transfer view object to presenter in MVP? 4. How to create a generic class? 5. What is Ajax object? 6. What is explicit interface implementation? 7. I1, I2 interfaces have same methods (say PrintName) explicitly implemented in class C1. Now how to call PrintName method from I1? 8. I have a list of Customers. List the customer with maximum orders using LINQ. 247 Volvo
3. Use layered architecture for coding. name description 1 abc xxxxxxxxx 2 abc xxxxxxxxx 3 4 5 6 7 8 Select all Clear all Add Delete Name Description Save close 385  
what is .NET framework architecture ?? 260 IIT
What exactly happens when we debug and build the program? 240  
hi all.... i need code snippets for store and retrive tiff fromat images in sqlserver....... kindy provide it....... 168 Tricom
These questions were asked me in a technical interview: •If we deploy an application on multiple server (like database server, web server) then, each request should be redirected to proper server, then how you will handle it in your code? •How security pinholes will be handled in an application? •What things should be considered while writing a web application? •How will you do load/performance testing of web application? Which framework you will use for it? •How will you implement a cache for results which require a DB access? Please let me know how to write an web application considering all these points. I am not so much aware of architechural design of web application. Your guidelines will be helpful. 148 TCS
What exactly happens when we debug and build the program? 276  
hi my question is about understanding a text the user entered to a site , so i want to analyse that text looking for some specific items such as "honda" "shoffere" etc.. so if this site could help or could tell me where to go with such question ,i wonder. thanks 198  
what is be the overhead, if i use binary transmission. and will it be sent using xml text or how ? 314  
write code for inserting and updating recoards in sql server database using connected architecture & records shoulds displayed in grid view ( use c# ) 224  
what is collections in .net? why we use? 373  
if we are updating a database using thread, and mean while application crashes or thread being aborted then what will happen in Database? Rollback or Database will be updated? Please explain with different scenario. 237  
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