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write a program that takes two numbers from user that prints the smallest number  1  26
can output 5 students using one dimensional array intel  0  29
What is this interview room ? Is it a class or an object. Cybage   2  47
The type of variable a pointer points to must be the part of pointer's definition so that: infosys  1  43
OOP'S advantages of inheritance include: infosys  1  49
How to create a comment page in C #??  2  41
what is difference between thread and programme. Ncc  0  35
Write a program to print the swapping in two no and using three variable. Broadridge  2  55
In what scenario does the Logical file and Physical file being used? informatics  0  40
write a programme to get a character and thier ASCII value  0  42
write a program that will accept a number and print.its equivalent in words the maximum input number is 9999  0  56
can you give the dynamic polymorphism types? Wipro  2  181
what is the new version of c++ Ignou   1  157
what is the new version of oops Ignou  0  91
write a C++ program for booking using constructor and destructor. Hal   0  103
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Un-Answered Questions
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A prime number is a number which is divisible only by itself and 1. Examples of the first few primes are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11. Consider writing a program which can generate prime numbers for you. Your program should read in and set a maximum prime to generate and a minimum number to start with when looking for primes. This program should be able to perform the following tasks: 1. Read the maximum number from user (keyboard input) to look for primes. The program should not return any primes greater than this number. 2. Read the minimum number from user (keyboard input) to look for primes. The program should not return any primes less than this number. 3. Generate and print out every prime number between the maximum prime and minimum number specified by the user. 167  
write a program to find 2^n+1 ? 181 CTS
i wanted to know about questions about c,c++ , which is required for placements.... im a fresher 259 NDS
Write a program to reverse a string using recursive function? 339 TCS
What is debug class?what is trace class? What differences are between them? With examples. 219  
What is the renewal class? 515 Ebix
can any one help to find a specific string between html tags which is changed to a sting.. weather.html looks (for location) is <location>somewhere</location> #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> using namespace std; string find_field(string myPage,string); int main (void) { string page, line, location, temperature; ifstream inputFile("weather.xml"); while(getline(inputFile, line)) { page.append(line); line.erase(); } // Now page is a string that contains the whole xml page // Here you need to write something that finds and // extracts location and temperature from the XML // data in the string page and stores them in // the strings location and temperature respectively location=find_field(page,"location"); temperature=find_field(page,"temp_c"); cout << "Location: "<<location << endl; cout << "Temperature: " << temperature << endl; system("pause"); } string find_field(string myPage,string find_string){ int temp=myPage.find(find_string); if(temp!=string::npos) { cout << "Match found at " << temp << endl; } return "found?"; } /// 162  
Is there any error below, its a code to delete all entires from a map #include <map> #include iostream.h int main() { int i =0; map <int, char> TestMap; while(i<3) { TesMap.insert(TestMap::value_type(i,Test)); i++; } typedef map<int, char> :: iterator mapIter =TestMap.begin(); if(mapIter!=TestMap.end()) { TestMap.erase(mapItrer); ++mapIter; } return 0; } 261  
Write a program which is required to process the time of a clock in hours and minutes, entered from the keyboard. With this program, there are two requirements for any data entered by a user: 1. The data must be of the correct type (in this case, two ints). 2. The data must be in the correct range: this means that, for the minutes, negative numbers and any number above 59 must be rejected; for the hours, negative numbers and any number above 23 must be rejected. Output error message for invalid data input. Output the time one and a half hour after the time input. i.e. Hour: 22 Min: 32 One and a half hour after 22:32 is 00:02 150  
Am studying basic c++ programming, have been given the following assignment. Design a linear program to calculate the maximum stress a material can withstand given a force and a diameter of a circle. To find the required area pi should be defined. Have most of the program sorted out but am at a loss as to how to show the calculations required. Can anyone help? 350  
i got a backdoor offer in process global,Bangalore..Can i work with it? 531  
write a program to enter a string like"sunil is a good boy and seeking for a job" not more than 10 characters including space in one line,rest characters should b in other line.if the next line starts from in between the previous word,then print whole word to next line. 248 Wipro
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