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what is the standard bricks size, and which tools required for mason work  0  257
what is microsoft office?  1  330
is ther a requirement for lintel to be casted in 200mm thick siporex block? kindly mention the advantage and disadvantages? Synergy  0  283
how do we calculate design for beems if the span of beams is 15 metres.what quantity of steel should be used and how much steel should be there in each beam.  0  346
why you want to become artictecture JP-Group  0  263
How to construct BUILDINGS in a very busy and very narrow roads with out causing much disturbance to others?  0  308
if we remove the hd of a pc wether it will run or not? if yes how or if no why?  1  388
hi im doing an interview for school and i need to interview an architect..but i cant find one. It would be sweet if someone with architectural knowledge could answer my questions. 1.what is the most important responsibility an architect has? 2.what is the hardest thing to do if you are an architect? 3. what is the easiest thing to do? 4.What courses do i need to take in high school if i want to become one? 5.Are there situations where an architects job can be dangerous? 6.Do architects have a big responsibility when it comes to their job? 7.What do spend time most on when you are at work? 8.What university course do you recommend if i want to become one? 2-3 sentences answers would be nice. it would be cool if i could have name because i have to include that on my assignment sheet  2  563
what are the differences of software life cycle models Cadbury  0  285
Noisy laptop My Toshiba Laptop, Model: Satellite L355-S7905 is making from time to time ugly noise like sparks, not to mention the sound of the fan. What shall I do?  0  362
what is the role of an architect  0  345
How to construct Pile foundation?  1  1000
Hi i am going to attend Deputy Architect interview in Telecommunication Dept. through UPSC I dont know the type of questions they will ask. I will be very thankful if anyone could help me. Please send to my email-id Please any one have experience of some other Dept., please reply me. my interview in on 10th of Nov. only 5 days left. please help.  0  693
what is the difference between the working drawing and the shop drawing plz answer me  1  2641
what tyre of wood is better for room doors  1  584
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is ther a requirement for lintel to be casted in 200mm thick siporex block? kindly mention the advantage and disadvantages? 283 Synergy
What is siporex block and its uses? 685  
what are the thump rules of taking BOQ of building construction?nallaPERUMAL 9003858728. 1207  
Is DataStage Designer, a thin client or a thick client? 694  
How did you decide to go into architecture and what did you do to prepare for this field of work? 387  
types of load 347  
what is the standard bricks size, and which tools required for mason work 257  
Which structure used for M100 grade of concrete 191 UltraTech
What details do you notice about the way this building is constructed? How does it differ from your own home? 357  
I have 14 diffrent shape can I use this in architructure design?? 100  
list the structural elements and their functions of frame structure. 1265  
. A BSC can contain ___________ number of BCF packs. 504 Nokia
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