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Could you tell someting Use's of Trial Balance and where we get the details. Genpact   3  324
Types of Invoice ?  7  1522
when will submitt the c form and what is the percentage?and also hearing details?  3  608
a buyer,purchases a for rs100, b for rs80, c for rs60 and mixed in ratio of 3:4:5 and sells @ 50% profit what wil be d price? TCS   12  1557
What is the difference between vat scrutiny and vat assesement,what is required document for both.  3  1606
What is BMP in IMS  1  808
why profit is a liability and loss is an asset?  5  2815
What is FBT? please guide me with the example  1  773
If I want loan upto Rs.500000/- from bank. so how much capital show in my balancesheet. please help me.  1  606
what is GST? please guide us? what is the rate liable for GST? and when GST is applied?  3  1179
We are generally give order to the printing company for printing our uniqe file,calender,sovenour,answer sheet,envelop etc, when company submite the bill it charge the bill includes vat@4%, so can we deduct the TDS on total invoice value or only cost amount (exclude the vat).  8  3080
Financial Management What will your outlook towards maintenance of liquid assets to ensure that the firm has adequate cash in hands to meet its obligation at all times?  1  499
what are the question going to ask for freshers about acccouting knowledge and how to prepare ourslf ...  2  1982
i am working in pvt company as accountant. but i have one doubt in case of tds deduction. becouse we have paid Rs.25000/- to Just Dail Group account as a Advertisement Expences. I know Rules of Tds deduction Rule no: 194C any payment to contract (advertisement contract) must want to deduct tds (1.133%)if u paid advertisement expences more than Rs.20000/- (one time). but my doubt is this. how much our assessment value in this creditor. up to 20000 don't want to pay tds. r we only assessed value Rs.5000 (25000- 20000), ie Rs.56.65 or whole amount (25000)ie Rs.283.25. anybody can help me  13  1794
Hi to All any body pls. tell me the entry for tds in salary example-- one employee salary 25000 tds will be 1000 how to deduct and what will be the entry for above transactions  9  1712
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Un-Answered Questions
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Can anybody tell me diference between provisions of Profit and Loss account prepared as per company act & Income Tax Act? 138  
Let me know the situation when is a transaction affects one side of accounting equation 169 ACS
Short Answer on ________Ad-Valorem Duties 130  
can i material bill book in miro without vat on transport charges ? 151  
what do you mean by jounal voucher? Jounal entry for dishonored cheque can be possible thruogh jv? 150  
How to pass workscontract sale invoice which includes WCT & VAT. 354  
what is general accounting 166  
A Customer has a MNC which has a Unit in USA , All use Same Operation Chart of A/c but they also want local reporting for USA unit .What should they do ? Optons : Use Group chart of account & Group a/c no * Use Group a/c no & Alternative a/c no.2 Use Country Specific Chart of A/c 187  
A person somehow gets hold of an extraordinary rare bird, keeps it as a pet for two years and then sells it off. Will related profit be taxable as capital gain? 183  
hi for all i completed Mba finance in 2008.then i got a job in kpo capital iq as jra for 1 year than i left it and done a course sap fico so now looking for a job in sap how to approach? pls give me answer 153  
how to prost entry for purchases with a bill 107  
What is JJ form? and it's uses 1833  
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