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Does anybody know anything about BirlaSoft? I got a job offer, they sent me a contract to sign and return, but thank God they didn't ask for any money! But, they said they would send me a check in the mail. And as my first "task" I would have to use that check to order a bunch of accounting software, and I would need to purchase this software ONLY from the vendors that THEY provide. Is this a scam to just get money? I'm wondering if they "own" the vendor they "work" with and launder money that way. I asked the person who was getting my information, as far as my name and address to send the check to, Why would I have to buy software to install in my home computer anyway? Couldn't they just send me a link for the software to download? I'm afraid of the check being fake. Because, if I deposit the check into my checking account and it turns out to be fake, then I'll owe the bank all that money! Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks.  0  2
Can we get excise and VAT credit form staff welfare goods like shoes, uniform, goggles etc.? SMTPL  0  2
Please suggest the manual records needed to be maintained at NGO/CBO to record the transactions of accounts & inventory. Please also mention the need & purpose of each records/books NGO  0  4
in which head ESI A/c will be come?  3  4
I have received 75000/- as retainership fees from ABC company but they have deducted TDs 10% and send me 67500/- my question is that what entry i have to pass in my books please help me  2  9
what is the journal entry if bank deducted tds on commision  0  8
what is difference between company and firm  0  8
what is the difference between depreciation in account books and depreciation as per income tax act  1  6
I have received 75000 as retainer ship fees from ABC company what was the journal entry I have to pass in my books  2  12
why is the recocillation done?    2  16
1st round is easy writing about 'A day without my cell phone' and 2nd rd is aptitude, 3rd rd is typing test and 2rds are technical and hr ... iGate  0  10
ESI payable in the year 2010 was Rs.11000 but not accounted for by mistake in that year.It was paid in the year 2013-14. Then what will be the journal entry?  2  19
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What is Accounting on Computers 145 Telco
How the MIS format made up in XL. 163  
What do u mean by sales tax and who are sales tax practitioner ? 186  
If i need a certification for SAP FICO or CRM. Do i have to go to a institute and pay huge sum just for a certificate.? or is there any other way, also let me know how much does it cost...? 247  
what is balancesheet adjustment a/c. what is the use of this a/c in sap fico 366 Reliance
Can anybody explain? what's consumeble items? 459  
why do think you are best candicate for this post. 209 ICICI
sir i want know how to fill vat return 165  
ABC Ltd. firm has a sales of Rs.6 crores, Variable cost Rs. 3.5 crores and Fixed cost of Rs. 0.65 crores. The firm has debt and equity resources worth of Rs.7 crores and 10 crores respectively. With the data given show : (i) The firmís ROI. (ii) EBIT if sales decline to Rs.4 crores. (iii) If the industryís assets turnover is 4 times, does the firm has high or low asset turnover? The cost of debt is 12%. Ignore taxation. 149  
what is the entry for goods sent from one factory to another under inter branch transfer sale of the same compny and what should be the valuation for this purpose? 131 GTL
How and by whom the Percentage of Depreciation is fixing? 204 Wipro
how can I know the status of the service tax filing of my organisation when I don't have any details except St number. I want to know till what date the returns are filed etc as I have recently joined. 135  
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