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FetCh Records No 5 to 10 From Dataset  4  3282
When multiple users attempt to modify data at the same time Ex user 1 is updating record at same time user2 deleted record user1 has press update button . how to handle concurrency Digital-Group  4  3944
What is the main difference between ADO and ADO.Net HCL  4  3463
once data is fetched into dataset connection gets closed. but in datareader connection is always maintained...then why datareader is fast and mainly recommended ?  2  2157
what is different between SqlCommand object and Command Behaviour Object  3  4722
what is bubbled event can u pls explain Wipro  3  3292
What are the three Objects of ADO.  10  2901
how would i implement dropdownlist in gridview using c#  2  2971
what is meant by connection pooling and event pumbling in TCS  3  3210
how to create a quiz software using 4 options to answer and how to check with answers in the database and award marks....  1  1042
What is the difference between a Dataset and DataReader? Can dataReader hold data from multiple tables? Fulcrum-Logic   3  3665
I loaded the dataset with a table of 10 records. One of the records is deleted from the backend, How do you check whether all the 10 records were present while updating the data(Which event and steps) and throw the exception. Fulcrum-Logic   2  3518
What are the ADO.NET Controls?  6  2816
i making a project using windows application c#, i want to show user name, password, and one button login. i wanna make it with sealed class .how its possible . when i clicked my login button all project should be open. pls cleare me.  1  1986
what is typed and untyped dataset  3  8063
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Un-Answered Questions
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The answers which posted above is not satisfied my requirement? Can some one post teh exact answer? Thanx 315  
how to create a quiz software using 4 options to answer and how to check with answers in the database and award marks.... 1042  
can we create synonymn in ms access,sql server,my sql if so explain me with example 412  
What are the advantages of oledb compared with other classes? 706  
Can we create Synonymns in MS Acess,My Sql Server,Sql Server? But iam we can create in oracle! 348  
oledbdataadpter with ms access in giving exception System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException while writing adapter.update(dataset,"tabname"); how to update the database from dataset? 533 Infosys
Difference between function and trigger? 75 Hcl
how can implement dropdownlist in particular of dataset when try to update? 426 Tcs
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